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UCC Filings


Uniform Commercial Code filings, formerly known as chattel mortgages, are mortgages on movable property that are filed in the Clerk of Court’s Office. In Louisiana, an Original Financing Statement (UCC-1) can be filed with any one of the 64 parish Clerks of Court. UCC filings are entered into a statewide computer system, maintained by the Secretary of State of Louisiana. Public view stations are available in the Clerk’s Office for the public to examine UCC recordings.

If forms other than the Louisiana Approved Forms are used, an additional $15.00 non-standard fee will be assessed. Complete information, including filing fees and rules governing UCC recordings, can be found at the website www.sos.louisiana.gov/comm/ucc.


In accordance with the Uniform Commercial Code (for mortgage filings on movable property), UCC Certificates may also be issued by the Clerk of Court’s Office. The request for a certificate must be in writing on a Louisiana approved UCC-11 form, one debtor name per request. A Federal tax ID number should be provided if at all possible, as the absence of a Federal tax ID number may impact the results of the UCC Certificate.

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