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Recording Department

New Recording Fees effective 8/1/2017 Pursuant to R.S. 13:844 

In its function as Recorder, the Clerk of Court’s Office receives, files and enters on a daily register all deeds, mortgages and other instruments to be recorded in the public records of Natchitoches Parish. After these instruments are recorded and assigned file numbers, they are indexed, imaged into a computer system and made available for public view. Books are printed to display the documents to the general public.

Louisiana is unlike most other states in that an original document sent to a Louisiana Clerk’s Office for recording is not returned to the sender. Section 2742 of the Louisiana Civil Code provides that documents deposited with the recorder become part of the parish archives. The filing party may obtain certified copies of the original documents with the Clerk’s endorsement.


Online Records/E-Recordings

While the Clerk of Court’s Office has attempted to preserve the accuracy of this online version, these records are not official and the Natchitoches Parish, Clerk of Court will not be responsible for any inaccuracies that may be encountered. Only the Official Public Records of Natchitoches Parish provided in the Natchitoches Parish Clerk of Court’s offices shall be referenced as the Official Public Records.

By using this service, in any form, the user agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Natchitoches Parish Clerk of Court and anyone involved in storing, retrieving, or displaying this information for any damage of any type that may be caused by retrieving this information over the Internet.

Records available in this search consist of released records. The term “released” means the records have been recorded, indexed, verified and released for general public viewing. Please note that there may be records that have been assigned official numbers but not yet completely indexed or available on this search.


Conveyance records consist of deeds, exchanges, partitions, servitudes, judgments of possession and other instruments, the effect of which is to transfer real property or interests and rights therein.


Mortgage records consist of mortgages, judgments, liens and other encumbrances affecting real estate. Cancellation of these instruments is indicated by a marginal notation on the record when a promissory note marked “Paid” or other appropriate evidence of satisfaction thereof is presented and filed.


Uniform Commercial Code filings, formerly known as chattel mortgages, are mortgages on movable property that are filed in

the Clerk of Court’s Office. UCC filings are entered into a statewide computer system, maintained by the Secretary of State of Louisiana. In Louisiana, an Original Financing Statement (UCC-1) can be filed with any one of the 64 parish Clerks of Court. Public view stations are available to the public to examine UCC recordings.


Other instruments recorded in the Clerk of Court’s Office include oil, gas and mineral leases, articles of incorporation, partnerships, military discharges, plats and medical licenses.


As required by the state auditor, the Clerk of Court’s Office is on a cash control system. As a courtesy, the office may allow a frequent customer of good standing to set up a “charge account.” Customers who wish to establish an account with our office may contact our bookkeeper to request approval and authorization of a charge account.


The Clerk’s Office directs the general public in locating the records that are kept on file in the office. Copies of public records can be made for a fee of $1.00 per copy. The fee for using the Fax machine is $5.00 for the first page, plus $2.00 for each additional page. Faxes and copies must be paid for in advance unless the customer has an account.


For extensive research with regard to genealogy, customers may contact the Genealogy Office located in the Old Natchitoches Parish Courthouse. The telephone number for the Genealogy Office is (318) 357-2235, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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