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Criminal Department

The Criminal Department is responsible for the filing of all formal charges of the District Attorney’s Office of Natchitoches Parish. This department handles all felony and misdemeanor charges that fall under the Louisiana Code of Criminal Procedure and occur within the Parish of Natchitoches. In the Ward 1 area of Natchitoches Parish, “City Court” is the jurisdiction for all misdemeanors occurring in that part of the parish. All felonies, whether they occur in Ward 1 or elsewhere in the parish, are under the jurisdiction of the Tenth Judicial District Court.


The Criminal Department receives and files all pleadings such as Bills of Information, Indictments and other filings in criminal matters. At the request of the District Attorney or the defendant, the Criminal Department issues subpoenas to witnesses requiring their presence in court.

The Criminal Department notifies attorneys of court dates which involve these matters. However, the Clerk’s Office does not set court dates. Prior to the date set for criminal hearings in court, the Criminal Department pulls the files of those cases and sees that they are taken to court.


The Minute Clerks for each division have the responsibility of transcribing the minutes into a Minute Book, administering the oath to jurors and witnesses, and filing all evidence introduced by the State or the defendant.


The Criminal Department handles requests for expungements of criminal records. Expungements must follow procedures as required by law, and detailed information concerning these procedures may be obtained by calling the Criminal Department.

The fee for expungements is $110.00 per name, per docket number. This filing fee is non-refundable. If service of an expungement is required on the State Police, an additional fee of $125.00, money order or cashier’s check, payable to Louisiana State Police, is required.


The Criminal Department assists the general public by making copies of needed files, for a copy charge of $1.00 per page, plus $5.00 if certification is needed. Criminal searches may be requested, in writing, for a $20.00 per name search fee, payable in advance.

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