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As of June 1, 2020, the online conveyance records for the Natchitoches Parish Clerk of Court’s office goes back to August 11, 1960.

We are going to continue to provide the public with more on-line access via clerkconnect.com.  We are working to add another decade of conveyance records getting back to January 1 of 1950.

Additional on line Civil Records are also in the works as we plan to add back to January 1. 2000 as soon as possible.

We have our mortgage records on-line back to 1986.

Last year we scanned and have on line in the conveyance records over 2500 recorded plats.

We also have many years of criminal records on line.

If you have any questions about our on line records, please give us a call at (318) 352-8152.