Non-Support (Criminal)

Non-Support is handled as a part of the Criminal Department. This department works with the Natchitoches Parish District Attorney’s Office and the State of Louisiana Department of Social Services in setting and enforcing child support orders of the Court. Orders of support, including those from other states, can be enforced in this Court. The Clerk’s Office maintains the records and notifies parties of court dates. If ordered, paternity blood testing is done to determine the father of the child in order to obtain child support.

A person wishing to open a new case or obtain information regarding child support payments should contact the Office of Van H. Kyzar, District Attorney, Non-Support Division, (318) 357-2214. The Child Support Enforcement Agency can be contacted at (318) 357-3109.

For More Information Call (318) 357-2243 or (318) 352-8152