Mortgage Certificates


Mortgage Certificates are issued by the Clerk of Court’s Office pursuant to applicable Louisiana statutes.

All requests for certificates must be in writing. Fax requests are accepted if the customer has an account with the Clerk’s Office. The office can provide a form for ordering a certificate. If a request form is not available, a request can be made by written letter. Certificates are prepared on a first-come, first-served basis. Our office will make every effort to deliver the requested document within a 72-hour period. Payment must be made in advance, and fees for certificates are non-refundable.

To order a Mortgage Certificate, or a “Certificate of Encumbrance” as it is more correctly called, a customer must provide the Clerk’s Office with the name(s) that he or she wants checked and a legal property description.

Searches are also performed for release of funds in expropriation suits, and as a prerequisite for property bonds.

Note:A Mortgage Certificate is not a title opinion and makes no representation as to who actually owns the property described on the certificate. Only an attorney can render a title opinion in Louisiana.


Lien Certificates on Contracts are issued by the Clerk of Court’s Office. As with Mortgage Certificates, requests must be in writing. The request must include the name(s) to be checked, the date the contract was signed and a brief description of the work. Unless otherwise requested, the Lien Certificate will be issued when requested.


In accordance with the Uniform Commercial Code (for mortgage filings on movable property), UCC Certificates may also be issued by the Clerk of Court’s Office. The request for a certificate must be in writing on a Louisiana approved UCC-11 form, one debtor name per request. A Federal tax ID number should be provided, as the absence of a Federal tax ID number may impact the results of the UCC Certificate.

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