Below is a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions that we receive. Click on the question to review the answer. If you have a question that is not here, please contact us.

General Questions

Q:What are your office hours?

A: 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday excluding holidays.

Q:What do I need to do to be excused from jury duty?

A: For further information contact the Judge's office at (318)357-2209 or (318)357-2210


Q:What do I have to do to work at the polls?

A: You must become certified by attending a commissioners school. These are held twice a year.


Q:How far back do your records date?

A: Our court records, marriage records and land records date back to approximately 1732.

Q:Do you have death records on file?

A: Those are available from the State Office of Public Health.

Q:Where do I go to get a certified copy of my divorce?

A: The civil department of our office has copies of all divorces in Natchitoches Parish.

Q:Where do I go to get a certified copy of my deed?

A: Those are available in the recording department of our office.

Q:How do I find out who owns the property at a certain location?

A: You need to check with the Tax Assessor’s Office.  Our records are indexed by the owner’s name not by description.

Notary Exam

Q: How do I become a notary?

A: By taking and passing a written exam given by the Secretary of State. If you are a resident of Natchitoches Parish and want to be a notary in this parish, visit the Secretary of State web site.


Birth Certificates

Q: Where can I get a certified copy of my birth certificate?

A: Birth certificates from 1983 forward and birth cards for the last 100 years are available from our office. You must apply in person. Birth certificates prior to 1983 may be acquired from the State.  The Birth Certificate will be ordered and received within one hour. See Forms for an application.

Q: What do I need to get a certified copy of my birth certificate?

A: Applicants applying for a certified copy of a Birth Certificate or Birth Card are required to provide identificatiion in the form of one primary document or two secondary documents.

Q: What is the difference between a birth certificate and a birth card?

A: A birth card is small and will fit in your pocket. It provides your name, date of birth, sex, parish of birth, mother's maiden name and father's initials. The birth certificate provides much more detail (i.e. town, hospital or birth, father & mother's full name, residence etc.).

Q: How do I know whether I need a birth certificate or a birth card?

A: You will need to ask the person/agency who is requiring the information.

Q: How much is a certified copy of a birth certificate?

A: $34

Q: How much is a certified copy of a birth card? (Please note birth cards are avaiable only with the purchase of a birth certificate)

A: $14

Marriage Licenses

Q: How much is a marriage license?

A: $27.50

Q: What do I need to get a marriage license?

A: Proof of age and if you have been married before, you will need a certified copy of your divorce or a copy of the death certifcate of former spouse. See Forms for an application.

Legal Questions

Q: I want to file for divorce without hiring an attorney. What do I need to do?

A: THERE ARE NO STANDARD FORMS FOR DIVORCE. EACH CASE IS DIFFERENT. The law allows you to file for a divorce without the assistance of an attorney. The Clerk of Court staff CANNOT assist you. If there are children and/or property involved, we suggest you employ an attorney to assist you.


Q: Where do I go to pay my traffic ticket?

A: The Sheriff’s office collects those unless it was issued by a municipality and in that situation, you go to the town hall of the municipality that issued it.

For More Information Call (318) 352-8152