Elections in Natchitoches Parish are held as scheduled by the office of the Secretary of State.  http://www.sos.la.gov/


The Clerk of Court is the Chief Elections Officer in the parish. As such, he serves as a member of the Parish Board of Elections Supervisors. The Board meets before, during and after an election.


Before an election, the Clerk of Court’s Office qualifies candidates for office in any local election, while the Secretary of State qualifies those candidates for office on a state level. This qualifying period as well as required fees are set by law.


Poll workers are vital to the election process. The Clerk of Court encourages residents of Natchitoches Parish to serve as Election Commissioners at the various voting precincts. Interested persons must attend one evening school and pass a written test to become certified as a Commissioner. Schools for new Commissioners are generally held twice a year.

To become a certified Election Commissioner, you must meet the following qualifications:

  • You must be a registered voter of Natchitoches Parish;
  • You must be able to vote without assistance;
  • You must not be a candidate or immediate family member of a candidate in the election; and
  • You must not have been convicted of any election offense.

A Commissioner who serves at the polling place on Election Day and who has received a certificate of instruction shall receive $200.00.


A person interested in becoming a Commissioner-In-Charge must possess the same qualifications as a Commissioner. He or she must have successfully completed a general course of instruction for Commissioners-In-Charge and must have served as a Commissioner in at least two (2) elections during the last four (4) years. Commissioner-In-Charge school is held once a year. A Commissioner-In-Charge shall receive $250.00 for each election in which he or she serves.

Election Commissioners and Commissioners-In-Charge are randomly selected by the Parish Board of Election Supervisors in accordance with Louisiana Law.


Complete sample ballots for all parishes, including Natchitoches Parish, may be obtained from the Secretary of State website, http://www.GeauxVote.com.


Watchers at polls are allowed but under strict guidelines. A watcher shall be admitted within all parts of the polling place during the election and the counting and tabulation of votes, and shall call any infraction of the law to the attention of the Commissioners. Each candidate (or in the case of a presidential election, each slate of candidates for presidential elector) is entitled to have one watcher at every precinct where the office he seeks is voted on in a primary or general election. The Louisiana Revised Statutes Election Code should be consulted for laws concerning watchers. For detailed information concerning watchers, please call the Clerk of Court’s Office.


The Clerk of Court is responsible for training all Election Commissioners and seeing that all precincts are staffed sufficiently for every election. He sends notices to the Election Commissioners, Commissioners-In-Charge and Deputy Custodians of the election date, hours, voting machine delivery/pickup and other vital information concerning the election.

Election Day begins at the Clerk’s Office at 5:00 a.m., handling questions and concerns from the various polling places. The Office is open all day to handle any situation that needs to be addressed. The Board of Election Supervisors convenes, usually around 6:00 p.m., to count absentee ballots. When the polls close at 8:00 p.m., calls are still monitored and the Office prepares for incoming election results. Those results are tabulated and forwarded to the Secretary of State immediately by computer. The media is notified of the results.

After an election, the Board of Election Supervisors unseals the voting machines and re-checks the results, meeting to certify the final results and forwarding them to the Secretary of State. The Commissioners, Commissioners-In-Charge, Deputy Custodians and Janitors are sent payment for their services by the Secretary of State’s Office.


Complete election results can be obtained from the Secretary of State website, http://www.GeauxVote.com.



For More Information Call (318) 352-8152